Above: Schöneberg - Siegessäule, Berlin / Below: Gran Canaria


bleshmedia photo shots with beautiful people

Lady Portrait Shots

Tenerife, Canary Islands - Jonas Shooting
Ricky Face Shots
The Algarve coast of Portugal offers great photo locations. Here you see Photo Shots of João.


Photo Shooting with João

Lukas Face Shot

Handsome young man Kevin from Portugal. Watch how this photo shooting went.
Photo Shooting with Kevin
Photo Shooting with brave Rayan - Nude Beach, Canary Islands
Autumn Couple Photo Shooting Berlin
Photo Shooting with Dominik
On Set Photo Shooting "Summer Vibes"
Indoor Trial Photo Shots of Nico
Photo Shots of a Fake Party
Face Shots of Steffen
Young Handsome Face of Mirco
Photo Shooting with Gian-Luca in the basement. Watch how the Shooting went.
Photo Shots of plumber boy Gian-Luca

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